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What is Esoteric Healing?

"All that exists are aggregates of the finest energies" - Gautama Buddha


There is an energy field that surrounds and permeates the bodies of all living beings.  It is an active, invisible field that is commonly called the aura or etheric body.  This energy field, although invisible to the naked eye, can be photographed with Kirilian photography and felt by trained hands.

This type of healing work uses the energy field and is known as "esoteric" healing, meaning "hidden" until studied in greater depth.  The existence of the energy field and its use in healing has its roots in ancient healing practices.  It has only been in the past few years however, that Western Science has realized its significance.  Esoteric Healing was developed in the early 1960s in England.

When one is healthy, energy flows easily throughout the body.  When energy is blocked, restricted or deficient this is often associated with physical body disease, emotional issues, and/or mental alterations.  These problems within the energy field are often present before they appear in the physical body.  Esoteric Healing practitioners have learned to use their hands to sense areas in the client's energy field that are weak or congested.  Using energy balancing techniques, the practitioner can restore the client's energy field to a more flowing, healthy state.  Treatment often results in improved physical, emotional, and mental conditions.  The practitioner does not touch the client, but works within the energy field at various distances from the client's body.  Healing energies are available to all, whether or not an individual belongs to any religious denomination.  You don't have to believe in it for it to work.

The lower must obey the higher

The higher is nothing without the lower.  And the lower has every right to be exactly where it is, perfectly placed in the mix of the Flow. When it finally awakens, relationship begins and darkness is reunited with brightness and we are Home again. 

We Are Life

We are life, humanity, the top of the food chain on planet Earth hurtling through space traveling 60,000 miles an hour in an elliptical orbit around our Sun influencing everything.  The atmosphere, the seasons, our thoughts, our emotions or very being.  We are constantly moving, all of the cosmos is constantly moving and this movement permeates us in what we call energy. 


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